About Platinum Custom Golf Cars

Where it all began…. In 2008 while living in Viera for a few years, the kids and I decided we wanted a golf cart. Golf carts were on the rise in popularity in the region and we wanted something to stand out from the others. With a recession going on, I looked to find a junk yard and had a vision of building the sexiest golf cart in Viera. Having grown up in a small town in Indiana and working in a bodyshop, I knew I had the knowledge and experience to make it happen. My kids and I went to work in the garage night after night for months until we had fabricated a completely unrecognizable masterpiece of a golf cart.

Soon after, the Harley Davidson themed golf cart we had built was recognized all over Viera and surrounding areas. Realizing the demand for unique custom carts, the idea had formed. The owner of the local Beef O’ Brady’s caught wind of the Harley golf cart and asked if we would build one for the restaurant. After completing the beefs cart, locals took notice and we quickly became the go-to for custom golf carts. In a matter of a few months after building ourselves a cart, we quickly turned into a fully functioning golf cart shop with a space off of Viera blvd where we still exist today.

Over the past dozen years, we have created several hundreds of beautiful custom golf carts, both locally and across the country. From Notre Dame, Denver, Miami and Orlando, you can find our carts rolling the streets and turning heads. Our carts are known for exquisite detail and durable builds. We take great pride in our carts, customer and look forward to serving you for years to come.

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